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Andover Educators Conference
Conference Saturday, June 22 - Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Preconference Thursday June 20 and Friday June 21, 2013
Welcome to the Andover Educators 6th Biennial International Conference

Highlights of the Conference include Dr. Kris Chesky from the University of North Texas speaking on "Hearing Loss Prevention" and Dr. Noa Kageyama from The Juilliard School speaking on "Performance Anxiety". Our own Science Advisor, Dr. T. Richard Nichols, will lead a Muscle Function Workshop. Amy Likar, Director of Training for Andover Educators, will give a Body Mapping Masterclass.

As always, members, trainees and other interested musicians will be able to experience the full "What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body" course, taught by a variety of our most experienced teachers. At the same time, there will be the opportunity for those who have been licensed for more than three years to participate in Round Table discussions on such topics as Movement Activities and Strategies for Short Presentations.

There will be two concerts by Conference attendees and an evening of scenes from an opera with a libretto by Barbara Conable and music by Lisa Marsh.

A favorite activity from the last conference will happen again: the official name is "Instrument Specific Body Mapping Exploration", also known affectionately as the "Instrument Petting Zoo". Attendees can benefit from some hands-on experience with instruments that may be unfamiliar to them and experience each instrument's mapping challenges personally. There will be nine separate activities including voice, piano, strings, guitar and winds.

There will be daily TaKeTiNa sessions with Mary Kogen and opportunities for private lessons (for an additional cost) in Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method and Dealing with Performance Anxiety.

Attendees will be able to choose among twelve different Interest Sessions by Andover Educators: Bonnie Draina, "Muscle Tension Dysphonia"; Jeanne Hansen , "Performance Anxiety (The Etude Magazine and Andover Educators); David Nesmith, "The Eight Intentions of Constructive Rest"; Melissa Malde, "Rib Movement in Breathing"; Laurie Christie, "The Application of Qigong to Body Mapping"; Kelly Wilson, "Lessons from the Podium (Transitioning from 1 to 1 to Group Instruction)"; Kurt Zeller, "Looking the Part (Body Mapping and Physical Expression for Singers)"; Amy Likar and Michelle Kunz "The SelfMap of a Musician"; Kathryn Woodard, "Body Mapping in World Music Traditions"; Doug Johnson, "Piano Perspectives"; Vanessa Mulvey and Lynne Krayer-Luke, "Learning to Learn Again with the Flying Flutistas"; Constance Barrett, "Body Mapping and Musical Improvisation".

NOTE: Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21, Preconference lessons with the Sponsoring Teachers and the Master Class are for Trainees Only

All aspects of the Conference - Housing, Meals (except the Banquet), Parking and the Music Building are within three blocks of each other!

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