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Current Issues in Nutrition - Past Programs
Current Issues in Nutrition

Who organizes the program? The Current Issues in Nutrition conference is organized by Iowa State University Extension and the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. As a leading research institution, Iowa State University understands the need professionals have for educational update opportunities focused on timely issues.

Why the online format? In April 2009, the planning committee began a new format for Current Issues in Nutrition - a series of archived presentations and live Q/A sessions. This allows us to bring you quality educational information at a lesser cost and make the information available for a longer amount of time. Even though a CIN program was offered in the past, you may still register and view the presentations and Q&A session. We will continue to add past programs as they become available. Program content will remain available until deemed no longer current.

What's a webcast? Through the use of technology, Iowa State University is able to provide you featured speaker content from the comfort of your own home or office. Adobe ConnectTM software gives participants online access to live video, audio and presentations as well as interaction with other participants and presenters via chatroom technology. Webcasts are a convenient and cost-effective way to attend a seminar without the hassle and expense of travelling to a central site. Adobe ConnectTM software is a free web-based software; you do not need to purchase software in order to participate.

Are there any system requirements for my computer? Both the presentations and the live Q&A sessions use Flash technology. To ensure you have Flash loaded on your computer and can participate in the live Q&A sessions, go to www.extension.iastate.edu/testconnect/. No other software or hardware is required; it is a web-based program. You must also ensure you have working audio on your computer.

How to participate?
Step 1: Register online for any or all of the past programs offered. The fee is $35 per program per person. You will be sent an email with the presentation links after you complete your registration.
Please note it is not an automatic email message. Login information will be sent within 48 hours of registration.
Step 2: View the online presentations and Q&A Session. (Presentations will be available indefinitely, or until the material is no longer relevant.)
Step 3: Receive your certificate by email. (This is the only certificate you will receive as no hard copies wil be sent.)
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