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Association for Crystallization Technology - 19th Larson Workshop
October 6-9, 2013
Monday, October 7
Continuous Crystallization
Chairs: Zoltan Nagy and Greg Sukay
"Continuous Crystallization in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing"
Allan Myerson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Flow Chemistry Technology and Applications in Continuous Crystallization"
Xiong Wei Ni, NiTech Solutions Ltd.

"Continuous Crystallization in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, an Industrial Perspective"
Chris Burcham, Eli Lilly
Novel and Emerging Crystallization Technology
Chairs: Brian Phenix and Lian Yu
"Prevention of L-Cystine Kidney Stones via Manipulating Crystallization at the Nanoscale"
Michael Ward, New York University

"Crystallization of Inorganic Glasses: Fundamentals and Advanced Applications"
Edgar Dutra Zanotto, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil

"Symmetry Breaking in Crystallization: Different Polymorphic Selection by Opposite Enantiomers in Achiral Media"
Gregory A Stephenson, Eli Lilly
Tuesday, October 8
Crystallization Process Design
Chairs: Paul Larsen and Kostas Saranteas
"Development and Applications of High-Dimensional, Complex Solid-liquid Phase Diagrams"
Ka Ming Ng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"Crystallization Kinetics for a Rational Process Design - Pathways, Solutions and Applications"
Matthias Rauls, BASF

"Crystallisation Scale-up, Scale-out and Scale-down"
Simon Black, AstraZeneca
Post-Processing Operations
Chairs: Kevin Girard and Jean Tom
"Case Study of Powder Properties Control via Post-processing Unit Operations"
Nathan Domagalski, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Predicting Particle Attrition in an Agitated Filter Dryer"
Carl R. Wassgren, Purdue University

"Improved Solubility using High-Energy Nanocrystalline Formulations"
David Lyons, Bend Research Inc.
Wednesday, October 9
Modeling Phase Behavior and Crystal Growth
Chairs: Paul Meenan and Alfred Lee
"Molecular Simulations of the Earliest Stages of Crystallization"
Jamshed Anwar, Lancaster University, UK

"Solid-State Structural Informatics: Knowledge-based Approach to Aid Solid Form Selection"
Neil Feeder, University of Cambridge, UK

"Phase Behavior of Complex Amorphous Systems"
Lynne Taylor, Purdue University
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