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Liners and Covers for Agricultural Waste Storage 
March 25 - 27, 2008
Liners and Covers for Agricultural Waste Storage
March 25-27, 2008
Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Fresno, CA

About the Course:

The Liners and Covers for Agricultural Waste Storage course is being offered by Iowa State University in cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and industry specialist. The first and second day of the course will cover compacted clay liners, geosynthetic liners, and permeable and impermeable covers. The third day will include three case studies and associated site tours. Design, installation, and testing methods covered in the course are appropriate for manures, agricultural wastes, industrial wastes, and municipal wastes.

This short course is designed for engineers, consultants, regulators, educators, and others who are involved in the selection, specification, design, installation, or testing of liner and cover systems for manure or waste storage systems. The course will focus on the selection, design, installation, and testing of both compacted clay liners and geosynthetic waste storage system liners, as well as flexible membrane cover systems. Demonstrations of wedge welding, extrusion welding, and alternative welding methods will be performed on multiple material types.

Those Attending Will Learn About:

  • Geologic Site Investigations for Earthen Storage
  • Compacted Clay Liner Design and Installation
  • Geosynthetic Liner Design and Installation
  • Selection of Permeable and Impermeable Covers
  • Selection and Use of Floating Covers
  • Implementation of Water and Gas Collection Systems for Covers
  • California Dairy Liner and Cover Regulations

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers and consultants involved in specifying, designing or testing manure or waste containment liner and cover systems.
  • Regulators involved in permitting or evaluating waste storage structures.
  • Individuals involved in the installation and testing of compacted clay liners or geosynthetic covers.
  • Individuals involved in the selection, specification or design of gas and water collection systems for waste system covers.

Continuing Professional Education Requirements for Professional Engineers:

Professional Engineering registrants in many states are required to complete continuing professional education. This course will provide up to 16 hours of continuing education (1.6 CEUs) toward these Professional Engineering Continuing Education requirements. Please check with you state P.E. registration board to confirm acceptance in your state.

Continuing Education Requirements for Technical Service Providers:

Technical Service Providers certified in CNMP preparation through the USDA TechReg system are required to obtain six hours of continuing education in the Manure Wastewater Storage and Handling area over a three year period of certification. This course will provide all six hours of continuing education required in the Manure Wastewater Storage and Handling Area.

Equipment, Product and Service Provider Interaction:

Course attendees will have the opportunity to discuss specific equipment and technology applications with major equipment suppliers, component representatives, product suppliers and consultants during two evening receptions and during all course breaks. The receptions and all course breaks will be held in an adjoining exhibition room.

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